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Understanding the Nevada Duties Owed Form: What is the Nevada Duties Owed Form?

The Nevada Duties Owed Form is a crucial document in real estate transactions that defines the relationship between a real estate agent and their client. It outlines the specific duties and obligations owed by the agent to their client, clarifying important aspects of the transaction process.

One of the primary functions of the Duties Owed Form is to establish the communication and relationship between the agent and the client. It clearly defines whether the agent is representing the buyer, seller, or acting as a dual agent representing both parties. This clarity ensures that everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities.  

Why is it Important?

Signing the Nevada Duties Owed Form offers legal protection for both the client and the real estate agent. For the client, it ensures that they receive full representation and advocacy from their agent. For the agent, it serves as evidence of compliance with professional standards and legal requirements, reducing the risk of disputes or legal issues.

In addition to legal protection, the Duties Owed Form also clarifies any team structures for the real estate transactions. It outlines how the agent will be handle professional services, which helps prevent misunderstandings or disputes.

Furthermore, the form establishes communication expectations between the client and the agent. By agreeing to certain communication standards and expectations, both parties ensure that they are kept informed throughout the transaction process, enhancing trust and transparency.

Lastly, the Duties Owed Form provides recourse for breaches of obligations. If either party fails to uphold their duties outlined in the form, the document serves as a provision that helps safeguard the interests of both the client and the agent, fostering accountability and professionalism.


Understanding and signing the Nevada Duties Owed Form is essential for anyone involved in a real estate transaction. It not only defines the agency relationship and outlines agent duties but also offers legal protection, duty clarification, establishes communication expectations. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact me. Enhance your home search experience by visiting my Real Estate Website, which offers useful tools for homeownership in Southern Nevada.